The Middle School Retreat

The middle school retreat is a tradition that takes place at the beginning of each school year. The goal of the retreat is to come together as a middle school (6,7,8) and get to know one another. Each year there is a theme that gives the retreat some structure. This year the theme was rebuilding the community. Due to the covid 19 pandemic and the online learning, the tight-knit community between the middle students was almost lost! Having the retreat at the beginning of the school year really gets everyone started on the right foot.


We started the retreat off on Monday morning with some team-building activities and breakfast in a park off-campus. Then that same afternoon we went to a professional obstacle course park. Where we had to climb high up, jump over obstacles, and crawl under a net. I have a fear of heights so it was very difficult for me to do the high obstacles, but my friends helped me through, and in the end, it was very fun! The next morning everyone got up really early to go white water rafting. It was a very enjoyable experience! We spent the whole day on the water and stopped for lunch on an island. The third day of the retreat was a half day. We did some more team-building activities at school and then went home. By the end, everyone was exhausted!






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