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Biodegradable Citrus Peel Container: Project Video and Reflection


Project Reflection:

In the beginning, my project seemed intimidating. I didn’t really have an example to follow, and a lot relied on the success of my first experiment (making the container). I wasn’t really sure how to throw myself at it, as a biodegradable citrus peel container like mine was never done before. If the container didn’t work, the whole project would have fallen into pieces, and I wouldn’t have had another project to do. From this project, I learned that risks can have good results, and they can also have bad ones. You have to be willing to take the risk. If I did the project over again, or if I chose to continue experimenting, I would add a lid, and/or test the container’s durability when exposed to water, (Someone who visited my project told me this).   


פריקת על חיפה

:שלום! בכיתה למדנו על העיר חיפה! אחרי עשינו פרויקטים! הינה הפרויקט שלי

Caution* (before you watch the presentation please note we “google meeted” a tour guide in Haifa. Enjoy!!!)

POTW (Paragraph of the Week)

Week #1

The roads I take depending on where I want to go.  I try my best to forget about what the group does and go on whichever route I think is the fastest and safest. Although, this is very hard and is not always possible! As people, our instincts tell us to stick together. While I have my own opinions on things, it takes courage to stand by them alone. Despite the difficulty, I try my best.  In fact, I choose the road less traveled every summer! When my whole class chooses to go to camp, I stay home to relax. I figure that the whole ten months at school is enough structure for me! I spend my time doing what I  want, paving my own roads.

Monday #2:


Two weeks ago, I became a daughter of a commandant; a Bat Mitzvah. Standing there, my feet planted into the bima, I was really nervous! I had to demonstrate bravery and courage by singing in front of all the people in the audience, and on zoom! Even though there were restrictions on how many people could come to the sanctuary, I was still weary about making a mistake. The hardest thing about courage is that it takes fear to be courageous. In order to have courage you need to have gone through fear first.

Monday #3:

As all of us know by now from experience, the month of December in Canada is not pleasant! Our days are cold and chilly. Our fingers and toes freeze, and most of us end up spending our time indoors. Often, we take advantage of this priority! Some people around us don’t have a warm cozy house to live in, and might have to support young children too! This holiday season, I would like to use some of the money I received from my Bat Mitzvah (which happened recently), to donate to the local homeless shelter. I want everyone to feel the warmth and safety of their own home!!

Week #4:

“ The best way to cheer yourself up is to cheer somebody else up” (Mark Twain). I totally agree with this quote. Infact, when I was in junior kindergarten, we read a book about how filling up somebody else’s “bucket” fills yours up too (the “bucket” holds acts of kindness given to, or from you). Even though this book is targeted for a young audience, the concept applies to everyone. Even students in grade 8! Happiness is contagious. We become happy when others around us are happy.  This has proven itself many times in my life. One time a few years ago, I wasn’t happy. I don’t even remember why, but my brother was playing hockey outside, and wanted someone to be goly. Even though I hate hockey, I felt like doing something nice, and after I did I felt better. We can all be kind and make someone else smile, even when we aren’t so happy ourselves. 



עבודה על חיפה

שלום! בכיתה למדנו על העיר חיפה! למדנו על הכרמל והצמחיה היפה שלה, כלי התחבורה המיוחד:  כרמלית, כל כך הרבה על העיר! מתחת יש הפעילות שעשינו:ו

Bonjour!!! Dans notre classe de Français, nous avons créé des posters en groupe à propos des sports au Canada. Voici mon posteur:

Bonjour!!! Dans notre classe de Français, nous avons créé des posters en groupe à propos des sports au Canada. Voici mon posteur:



The Middle School Retreat

The middle school retreat is a tradition that takes place at the beginning of each school year. The goal of the retreat is to come together as a middle school (6,7,8) and get to know one another. Each year there is a theme that gives the retreat some structure. This year the theme was rebuilding the community. Due to the covid 19 pandemic and the online learning, the tight-knit community between the middle students was almost lost! Having the retreat at the beginning of the school year really gets everyone started on the right foot.


We started the retreat off on Monday morning with some team-building activities and breakfast in a park off-campus. Then that same afternoon we went to a professional obstacle course park. Where we had to climb high up, jump over obstacles, and crawl under a net. I have a fear of heights so it was very difficult for me to do the high obstacles, but my friends helped me through, and in the end, it was very fun! The next morning everyone got up really early to go white water rafting. It was a very enjoyable experience! We spent the whole day on the water and stopped for lunch on an island. The third day of the retreat was a half day. We did some more team-building activities at school and then went home. By the end, everyone was exhausted!






Currency Conversion Calculator

Recently, we have been learning about financial literacy in math class. Being financially literate is knowing how to properly manage money. Towards the end of the unit, we started focussing on currency conversions, and the most common currencies used across the globe. As a final project, to end our important unit, we created a currency conversion calculator as a class. This post will discuss mainly, the challenges I had along the way, the process (and whether I enjoyed it or not),   and the importance of learning how to code in this day and age.

The process of coding our app seems simple because all we had to do was follow clear instructions, but mistakes are what makes us human, and we had to get around them. A mistake in coding could be as small as a spelling mistake, but looking for it, is like finding a needle in a haystack, and one mistake could cause you to lose all your hard work!!! This would be really annoying if Mrs. Cleveland wouldn’t have given us the link to hers, allowing us to make a copy of all her work, and then continuing from there. Coding, is not something for everyone (just like anything), some people don’t like it very much, and others do; that’s just the way things work. I, for one, enjoyed the process. Being a perfectionist works well with coding ( no mistakes are allowed). I think I also liked the fact that there’s no real creative side to the actual coding piece. I’m hoping more people of my generation, will like coding too because it’s an inevitable factor of our future. We are leading towards computers, and will need people to work in the industry!


Here are some pics of my code:


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