End Of Year Reflection (Read This If You Are Going Into Grade 7)

Dear (current) grade 6 student/ soon to be 7th-grade student,

If I could time travel back to the beginning of grade 7, I would give myself one piece of advice. “Get it done, and do it well”. Challenging assignments and projects drift into your schedule before you know it in this grade, and the best thing to do is face them head on.  Leaving it for later is just going to make your year harder than it’s meant to be! The year is jam-packed with writing paragraphs, answering questions, studying and interpreting the texts of Pirkei Avot, the extended french journal project, and creating/learning from tons of slide decks! This might sound intimidating, but it’s worth the satisfaction in the end! I feel as if I’ve benefited from writing almost 24/7. The words come to my mind more quickly, and I’m able to write a paragraph a lot faster than I could at the beginning of the year!

Hopefully, this letter has been a useful tool for you, as it would have been for me! Just remember it’s all worth it in the end! Try your best, push yourself to your limits, and don’t give up until you are satisfied!

Good Luck!


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