POTW (Paragraph of the Week)

Week #1

The roads I take depending on where I want to go.  I try my best to forget about what the group does and go on whichever route I think is the fastest and safest. Although, this is very hard and is not always possible! As people, our instincts tell us to stick together. While I have my own opinions on things, it takes courage to stand by them alone. Despite the difficulty, I try my best.  In fact, I choose the road less traveled every summer! When my whole class chooses to go to camp, I stay home to relax. I figure that the whole ten months at school is enough structure for me! I spend my time doing what I  want, paving my own roads.

Monday #2:


Two weeks ago, I became a daughter of a commandant; a Bat Mitzvah. Standing there, my feet planted into the bima, I was really nervous! I had to demonstrate bravery and courage by singing in front of all the people in the audience, and on zoom! Even though there were restrictions on how many people could come to the sanctuary, I was still weary about making a mistake. The hardest thing about courage is that it takes fear to be courageous. In order to have courage you need to have gone through fear first.

Monday #3:

As all of us know by now from experience, the month of December in Canada is not pleasant! Our days are cold and chilly. Our fingers and toes freeze, and most of us end up spending our time indoors. Often, we take advantage of this priority! Some people around us don’t have a warm cozy house to live in, and might have to support young children too! This holiday season, I would like to use some of the money I received from my Bat Mitzvah (which happened recently), to donate to the local homeless shelter. I want everyone to feel the warmth and safety of their own home!!

Week #4:

“ The best way to cheer yourself up is to cheer somebody else up” (Mark Twain). I totally agree with this quote. Infact, when I was in junior kindergarten, we read a book about how filling up somebody else’s “bucket” fills yours up too (the “bucket” holds acts of kindness given to, or from you). Even though this book is targeted for a young audience, the concept applies to everyone. Even students in grade 8! Happiness is contagious. We become happy when others around us are happy.  This has proven itself many times in my life. One time a few years ago, I wasn’t happy. I don’t even remember why, but my brother was playing hockey outside, and wanted someone to be goly. Even though I hate hockey, I felt like doing something nice, and after I did I felt better. We can all be kind and make someone else smile, even when we aren’t so happy ourselves. 



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  1. melissathompson
    November 6, 2021 at 5:07 pm (9 months ago)

    Maya, following the road less travelled when the rest of your peers are doing the oposite is probably one of the hardest things to do, and extremely respectable! I’m glad you have moments in your life when you do the things you know are right for you, even if they are the “less popular” or different choice.


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